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   The Dolphin

25 years in Nuclear Submarines and Three sons as Eagle Scouts


Charleston Bridges


Iím pleased to recommend and support Dr. Jarrett after several years of working together on mutual efforts. His aptitude and incisive thinking has been extremely beneficial for assessments technology transitions and superb military and commercial application analysis. His trustworthy manner and confidence is dependable and impeccable.


Mark J Heiferling

CEO Bluetronix Inc.

Cleveland Ohio

(440) 247 3434


Dr. Stephen Jarrett has the extraordinary capacity to identify technologies and unite with unique market requirements. His profound business acumen, intelligence expertise, and reputation for integrity, along with his significant  security relationships, create win-win-win collaborations. Dr. Jarrett has the generous ability to make things happen.


Brandon Brown

Chief Operating Officer

MerlinCryption, LLC

Direct 512-660-2096




The Dolphin & Eagle partners in the Advanced Technology Transition and Innovation Center work with businesses to establish highly productive teams to transition advanced technologies.

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Dolphin & Eagle Consulting represents and introduces clients to new sources of groundbreaking 
research and development to enable them to build technological clusters and to expand their 
market opportunities. 
Let us help you by using our expertise to help you get to market, to connect to the right market segments 
and to address the factors that will affect the adoption of your innovation. 
What are the factors affecting the adoption of my innovation in the marketplace?  This is an open innovation
site that concentrates on what innovation factors are most important in this time of recession and what other
leaders in innovation are saying to best prepare your business for this economy. 
Gaining business margins and new markets in difficult times is how small companies become big companies.
This has been a big month for the Startup MerlinCryption out of Austin, TX. We have completed our product 
MerlinSafe Secure USBs. They will be on the market as soon as they arrive back from the manufacturers with 
our secure software installed and the MerlinCryption logo on the front of the datacard. We've targeted the 
medical market but they are equally effective in the legal field for transferring secure evidence, in the financial 
field for securing critical data and in any other area that requires you to keep your files safe. The Anti-Statistical 
Block Encryption (ASBE) is much stronger than AES 256. Our smallest key is 2008 while their largest is 256. For
each additional bit you double the number of potential options to break the key. We also don't transmit a key with
the file, and we enforce strong passwords. The operation of the encryption has been simplified to a simple 
drag and drop procedure to both encrypt and decrypt files. Try it out and keep your files safe with MerlinSafe. 

Core competencies of

Dolphin & Eagle Consulting, Inc.

Expertise in adoption of innovation of leading edge technologies

Technology transition agent

Advanced technology applications

Concepts of development and operations for emerging technologies

Strong leadership

Team building for advanced technology projects

Competitive technology intelligence expertise

Opening up new markets for emerging technology

Development of commercialization strategies for advanced technologies

Expertise in technology mind mapping techniques

Commercial expertise in EAR and ITAR import/export compliance


The ATTIC is a consortium of high technology companies that are leading edge in their 
particular fields and are working diligently to commercialize revolutionary technologies.
If you desire to participate, contact our founder. We can help you with your business plan 
and with partnering with other like-minded entrepreneurs. 



Dolphin & Eagle Consulting, Inc. President:
Dr. Stephen M. Jarrett, DBA ( 843-906-4192



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