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This has been a big month for the Startup MerlinCryption out of Austin, TX. We have completed our product MerlinSafe Secure USBs. They will be on the market as soon as they arrive back from the manufacturers with our secure software installed and the MerlinCryption logo on the front of the datacard. We've targeted the medical market but they are equally effective in the legal field for transferring secure evidence, in the financial field for securing critical data and in any other area that requires you to keep your files safe. The Anti-Statistical Block Encryption (ASBE) is much stronger than AES 256. Our smallest key is 2008 while their largest is 256. For each additional bit you double the number of potential options to break the key. We also don't transmit a key with the file, and we enforce strong passwords. The operation of the encryption has been simplified to a simple drag and drop procedure to both encrypt and decrypt files. Try it out and keep your files safe with MerlinSafe.

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